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Plumbing & Pumping: Plumbing Equipment

Our versatile drain rod sets come with drain tools, 9m of rods and the option of more rods or a even a chimney brush.

Air bags and drain plugs from 2" to 12" all compatible with our drain testing gauge.

With the ability to freeze pipes from 15 to 42mm, a pipe freezer will allow you to make adjustments to most water carrying copper pipes with out isolating at the stopcock.

Item for Hire4hrs24hrs48hrsW/EWeek 
Air Bags up to 300mmn/a£5.29£7.22£6.25£9.62HIRE
Chain Pipe Wrench 50-300mmn/a£11.58£15.79£13.68£21.05HIRE
Drain Cleaning Head for HP Washern/a£11.30£15.41£13.35£20.54HIRE
Drain Plugs PRICES FROMn/a£3.77£5.15£4.46£6.86INFO
Drain Rod Set, 10mn/a£8.80£12.00£10.40£16.00HIRE
Drain Rodding Machine, Electricn/a£38.36£52.31£45.34£69.75HIRE
Drain Test U-Guagen/a£7.43£10.13£8.78£13.50HIRE
Electric Pipe Freezer 8-42mm 240vn/a£43.92£59.89£51.90£79.85HIRE
Link Pipe cuttern/a£12.65£17.25£14.95£23.00HIRE
Pipe Bender, 12-75mm, Hydraulic£34.43£42.08£57.38£49.73£76.50HIRE
Pipe Bender,15-22mm, Hand£9.34£11.41£15.56£13.49£20.75HIRE
Pipe Cutters 12-100mm PRICES FROM£8.48£10.37£14.14£12.25£18.85INFO
Pipe Threader Hand£16.85£20.60£28.09£24.34£37.45HIRE
Pipe Threader Hand 110v 50mm
Pipe Threader 110v 75mm on Standn/a£73.56£100.31£86.94£133.75HIRE
Pipe Vice & Standn/a£14.44£19.69£17.06£26.25HIRE
Pressure Test Pump to 60 Barn/a£19.25£26.25£22.75£35.00HIRE
Pump Central Heating Flushing£42.86£52.39£71.44£61.91£95.25HIRE
Stilson Wrenchn/a£9.08£12.38£10.73£16.50HIRE

Safety FootwearProtective Gloves

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