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Access & Support: Ladders & Stepladders

Our ladder selection will allow you to access almost anywhere. Ranging from 8' (2.5m) closed up to 34' (10.3m) open.

Length adjustable roof ladders are ideal for accessing a loose tile or a broken chimney pot.

Builders or platform steps (from 6 to 12 tread) are great for working off on good level surfaces, ideal for indoor use.

Item for Hire4hrs24hrs48hrsW/EWeek 
Ladder Double 8 rungn/a£15.64£21.33£18.49£28.44HIRE
Ladder Double 12 rungn/a£18.18£24.79£21.48£33.05HIRE
Ladder Double 14 rungn/a£23.27£31.73£27.50£42.31HIRE
Ladder Triple 8 rungn/a£19.49£26.58£23.04£35.44HIRE
Ladder Triple 12 rungn/a£23.68£32.29£27.98£43.05HIRE
Ladder Triple 14 rungn/a£28.77£39.23£34.00£52.31HIRE
Ladder - Combi 3 Way 3m Closedn/a£23.68£32.29£27.98£43.05HIRE
Roof Ladder 4.2m/4.9m/5.5mn/a£18.62£25.40£22.01£33.86HIRE
Adjustable Roof Laddern/a£25.34£34.55£29.95£46.07HIRE
Ladder Stay or Ladder Safety Basen/a£3.85£5.25£4.55£7.00HIRE
Steps Builders 6 - 8 Treadn/a£12.16£16.58£14.37£22.10HIRE
Steps Builders 10 Treadn/a£13.61£18.56£16.09£24.75HIRE
Steps Platform 6 - 8 Treadn/a£13.31£18.15£15.73£24.20HIRE
Steps Platform 10 - 12 Treadn/a£16.06£21.90£18.98£29.20HIRE
Steps GRP 6 - 8 Treadn/a£16.09£21.94£19.01£29.25HIRE
Sherpascopic Steps 1.27 - 2.23mn/a£40.29£54.94£47.61£73.25HIRE
Podium Step 1.0mn/a£28.19£38.44£33.31£51.25HIRE
Podium Step 1.5mn/a£41.91£57.15£49.53£76.20HIRE
Delta Deckn/a£19.94£27.19£23.56£36.25HIRE
Step Up Platformn/a£8.39£11.44£9.91£15.25HIRE

Safety FootwearProtective GlovesSafety Helmets

All prices exclude VAT.

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